Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Dog Owner’s Guide to Grooming

Proper grooming is essential for helping your dog look and feel great. Not only is it much more enjoyable to live with a clean dog instead of a smelly one, but grooming plays an important role in a dog’s overall health. In terms of what grooming involves, baths, brushing, trimming nails and haircuts are the main activities. Let’s take a closer look at each one of those in detail:


Although consistent baths are just as important for dogs as they are for humans, one big difference between the two is dogs don’t need to be bathed as often. While the exact frequency will depend on the breed of a dog and its living environment, the main rule of thumb is to do a maximum of one bath a week. The other key difference between baths for dogs and humans is it’s important to use soap & shampoo specifically formulated for dogs.


Being consistent with brushing will help keep your dog’s hair and skin healthy. Brushing on a regular basis is one of the most effective ways to prevent skin irritation in dogs. For dogs that shed a noticeable amount of hair, brushing will help minimize the amount that ends up around your home. In terms of brushing frequency, you’ll want to research the optimal interval for your specific breed of dog.

Trimming Nails

Some dogs are so active outside and on other hard surfaces that their nails don’t ever get to the point of needing a trim. However, that’s the exception rather than the rule. For most dogs, a trim every one to four weeks is necessary to keep them from getting so long that they run the risk of breaking. Of all the activities involved in comprehensive grooming, nail trimming is the one that generally gives dog owners the most anxiety.

That’s why there’s nothing wrong with leaving this task in the hands of an experienced professional. And if you would like to trim your dog’s nails yourself but aren’t sure which technique is best, you can ask a groomer to teach you. If you are going to do any trimming yourself, be sure to invest in a quality pair of clippers designed specifically for dogs’ nails.


If your dog has certain areas of hair that grow faster than others, it may make sense to invest in scissors so you can trim those spots on your own. But for full haircuts, it’s almost always worth paying for a groomer to do the job. By taking time to ask for recommendations and finding a groomer that you feel great about, you’ll be able to keep your dog’s hair trimmed to the ideal length all year long.

When combined with a healthy diet like Pet Wants that contains all the nutrients necessary for healthy skin and hair, a consistent grooming routine will keep your dog looking and feeling its best!


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