Saturday, September 10, 2016

Why Does My Dog Always Eat Grass?

Dogs have some very interesting habits. With certain habits, owners know right away that there’s no cause for concern. But with others, it’s completely normal to wonder if what your dog is doing is truly harmless. Eating grass is the perfect example of a habit that falls into the category of giving owners some cause for concern.

Can Cats Predict Storms?

Cats are very smart animals. One of the reasons is they pay very close attention to their surroundings. For example, your cat probably knows the signals of when you’re going to fill its bowl with new cat food. While this knowledge is based on your cat understanding patterns, how do you explain a cat that tries fleeing or frantically grooms its face prior to the arrival of a storm?

Humans have noticed these behaviors in cats for several centuries. In fact, there was a time when sailors blamed cats for causing storms. Although cats’ ability to sense storms can still seem quite amazing, scientists can now explain exactly how felines are able to pull off this “trick.”