Thursday, August 11, 2016

3 Common Feline Skin Conditions and What to Do About Them

While what we sell is quality pet food, we’re really in the business of helping owners like you take the best possible care of your pets. We believe that by combining great products and education, we can help people throughout Lenexa Shawnee Mission provide their pets with the highest quality of life. 

Since that’s something all pet owners want to accomplish, we’re passionate about being able to do our part to help. With that in mind, what we want to focus on today is the different kinds of skin conditions that affect cats:

Dog-Friendly Car Shopping

Although some people don’t like when having a dog is compared to having a child, anyone who has experienced both knows that there are definitely some similarities. One of those similarities is they both depend on you for care. Another interesting similarity is they affect the decisions you make. If you enjoy taking your dog along with you when you go places, one of the decisions that your pet may affect is the next vehicle you purchase.