Thursday, August 11, 2016

Dog-Friendly Car Shopping

Although some people don’t like when having a dog is compared to having a child, anyone who has experienced both knows that there are definitely some similarities. One of those similarities is they both depend on you for care. Another interesting similarity is they affect the decisions you make. If you enjoy taking your dog along with you when you go places, one of the decisions that your pet may affect is the next vehicle you purchase.

 As a business that thinks about dogs and their needs every single day, we get to have a lot of great conversations with pet owners. Based on our own experience and what we’ve learned from some of those conversations, we want to share a few of the most important things to think about when you’re shopping for a car that will work for both you and your dog:

Do Your Research About Buying New, Used or Leasing

There is a ton of information online about the pros and cons of buying new, used or leasing, so we’re not going to cover those here. However, we do think that’s a good starting point before you begin looking at specific models. In addition to the financial calculations, think about your use of the car. For example, if you love hitting outdoor trails or have an especially rowdy puppy, buying a used car is likely going to be a better choice than going with a new vehicle or leasing a car.

Narrow Down Your Must-Haves

Once you know which method of car ownership you want to pursue, the next step is to write down all of your must-haves. This applies to things you need in a car, as well as you need for your dog. For example, some people need a car that’s going to fit into a specific size garage. And in terms of a dog, one example is needing a car that’s easy for a dog to jump into. Also, if you’re going to put a specific carrier or other type of dog accessory in your new vehicle, make sure to note down the measurements.

Add Any Other Features That Would Be Nice But Aren’t Deal Breakers

The third step is to note any additional features you would like to have in your next vehicle but aren’t absolutely essential. Like the section above, these apply to both you and your dog. Having these will help you accurately compare the different options you see while still staying focused on what matters most to you.

Don’t Rush or Wait Too Long

When you start looking, don’t feel pressured by a salesperson to make a decision before you’re ready. On the other hand, if you come across a deal you know is great, don’t wait so long that you miss it. Taking the time to put together all the information we covered above will give you the confidence to make the optimal decision at the right time.

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